Everything is born to die.

After this nihilist title, i'm about to tell you something that you may be not conscious about.
maiden voyage
Maiden voyagae by Yumikrum. Check out its amazing work.

As a software student, i have been involved in many projects. Most of them are for educative purposes, but in some cases, i enrolled in some commercial solutions. Thanks to previous experiences, I can assure you that following a good scheme in how you develop your product will save you a lot of time, so, let’s talk about life cycles.

In the software business, a life cycle is not more than the software development process. Now, i bet you are thinking: “Come on, man, just code what the client wants and you are done”. Yeah, that works most of the time, but only when you are working alone. First, you need to think that there will be a lot of engineers involved in a big project, and last, once the software is deployed, there will be the need of making enhancements, add features and fix bugs. because of that, we are in the need of implementing a software development process.

Let’s say that any software product that you are developing is like your son, and its life cycle is how you are going to raise it. If you choose the right methodology, the project will flow better. For instance, if you are working in a website for a client, you should use any agile methodology so you can show functionalities to the client once they are ready, adding it to the project and making changes faster than in a once finished deploy. If you are developing an embedded system for some health equipment, you should use like a spiral method, where you are always conscious of risks and in every stage you will reduce them. My point is that choosing the right life cycle for your software will make your life and work better. Basically, the life cycle of any software project will tell you how it will be born, how is going to be maintained and how is going to die. This post is about the concepts of life cycles, but if you want to learn more about methodologies, you should stay tune!

Yoda says: Always pass on what you have learned

#Mastery00 – An introduction to the course.

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting started, so I’d like to introduce me.

My name is Oscar; i’m studying a BS in Computer science. I’m in love with music and the life! and I think that if you put enough effort on something, you always will get what you want. Also, I love photography, thats one of the things that I think makes this life better, because it gives me the opportunity to share with others how I can see the world, and sometimes, you can share emotions too. I have a meme page with over 70k followers, and yes, I do memes, but also i take it from other pages, the watermark is always there, so our followers can know where is the meme coming from. I have a little dog, his name is Pirata; he’s always making my days better and its more effective than a home alarm! For me, mathematics are present in everything, and if something has todo with numbers or patterns, i’m gonna be as focused as possible.

I took this picture when the wildfires were going on along Jalisco . Thats one of my favorite pictures because the message it carries.

But let’s get back to the topic

I think that this kind of courses (the ones that use modern educative methods) are the greatest because education has evolved based on its reasons. This “connected courses” thing will let us learn in a different way by reading what our classmates have concluded, and by interchanging opinions and perspectives, making our criteria and concepts better. I’m Trying to connect my own website with this blog, but I think that will have to wait until the next week, because i have a lot of projects going on. I’m hoping to give the best of me in this course and to get the most knowledge that I can.